From the opening notes of “ENEMY,” it’s clear that YME has created something truly special.

“ENEMY” is a stunning release from YME, showcasing her talent as an artist and her ability to create powerful, emotionally resonant music. With its brooding electronic soundscapes, compelling vocals and deeply personal lyricism, this is a track that demands to be heard. YME is an artist to watch, and “ENEMY” is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.

YME’s “ENEMY” is a haunting electronica and instrumental track that’s sure to get you transported to a whole another dimension.

The driving rhythm is impossible to resist, and when combined with the perpendicularly set rising vocals and the crunchy and smashing pauses, “ENEMY” becomes an infectious track. What sets “ENEMY” apart from other electronica and instrumental tracks is YME’s ability to infuse emotion into the music. The song has a raw and edgy quality that makes it stand out from the crowd. 


Since making her 2021 debut, the Netherlands-hailing electro-pop sensation YME has established herself as one to watch alongside her producer, Marco Roosink, as she transcribes personal experience into vulnerably infectious earworms.

The independent artist’s latest single, I Rule the World is a triumphantly empowering track which does plenty more than testifies to individual strength; it shares the euphoria of self-liberation. As her vocals switch between ethereal soul to demurely playful grace, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the adrenalized helter-skelter hit that embeds entrancing elements around addictively encapsulating lyrics.

I Rule the World was officially released on January 19th; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

 30 January 2023

Interview: YME

I discovered her track I Rule The World fairly recently, and I’ve been unable to stop listening to it, as it’s just that good!

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The featured artist this week is YME from the Netherlands.

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I Rule The World is an absolute banger, drawing a lot of influence from the 80s pop movement.

The synths sound epic here, adding a lot of energy to the song, alongside the fast beat. The track breaks down every so often, adding more variety to the piece over time. YME has quite a unique vocal style, but it works amazingly well

La traccia si presenta come un ballabile, un lento elettro-dance in cui tra gli accurati suoni delle tastiere svetta l'accattivante linea vocale che nelle sue modulazioni sensuali ci tiene incollati all'ascolto fino alla fine del pezzo.

L'ultimo singolo della cantante si intitola I Rule The World che rappresenta, attraverso le sue armonie e melodie, uno stato di ritrovata fiducia in sé stessa. Il genere frequentato dall'artista è un elettro-pop spesso permeato da sotto toni dark che serpeggiano nelle sue composizioni. YME lavora in collaborazione con Marco Roosink che produce i brani da lei scritti.

YME Now Admits That “I Rule The World” An empowering pop gem with an electrifying sound.

In truth, this is an empowerment piece meant to inspire us to stand on the tops of tables and take what we’re owed. Lyrics like “Gonna make my own rules, gonna make my own world” and “I’m my own boss, I’m the boss, I’m my own boss, I rule the world” provide an uplifting sense of authority courtesy of the artist’s gorgeous vocals. With its energetic 80’s influenced soundscape combined with passionate words of self-love, YME gifts us with an addictive pop gem that’s truly euphoric. 

From all the abundant facets present in “I Rule The World”, the singer’s hopeful voice takes the spotlight

“I Rule The World” was a pleasant experience to undertake. The amount of confidence emanating from the artist contributed sensationally to the weighty bass portions of the track. When vocal progressions reach their peak, an equal measure of instrumental strength is required, and YME’s melody plays into that sentiment perfectly.


ElectronicPop Review·January 24, 2023·1 min read

YME – I Rule The World | The Empowerment

The track is something I would play each day as soon as I wake up. The power and the energy that YME emits through this track is sensational. This track will surely help thousands to find their self confidence and achieve newer heights. The track packs some amazing electronic elements that uplifts the mind, body and soul. The vocals are crystal clear and executed with the required passion! YME surely does put in her into all her tracks and that is what makes her stand out of the crowd. The lyrics are well written and structured to incur maximum impact. Do give this track a go! Surely a must-listen for each and everyone out there.Add text